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Rep. Angela Rigas responds to Gun Ban at Michigan Capitol
RELEASE|August 17, 2023
Contact: Angela Rigas

Representative Angela Rigas objected in the strongest possible terms today as the Michigan Capitol Commission voted Wednseday to ban all firearms at the capitol building, exempting lawmakers with concealed carry permits.

“Gun violence occurs most frequently in gun-free zones,” Rigas said. “Recent history shows us they put more people in danger than they could ever protect. If these unelected commissioners think they wield some power higher than the Constitution, they are sorely and legally mistaken.” 

The Capitol Commission previously banned open carry of firearms at the statehouse, and the House of Representatives Speaker’s Office earlier this year prohibited staff from carrying weapons in the surrounding office buildings. Rigas has been an outspoken opponent of these restrictions since taking office in January.

“The Capitol Commission has already installed metal detectors at the Capitol and now we’re seeing this expanded to the House office building by the Speaker’s office,” Rigas explained. “Our security teams have done a fine job keeping us safe without these taxpayer expenses. There is no reason to waste more time or money on this power-hungry nonsense.”

Rep. Rigas and her office can be reached at (517) 373-1403 and [email protected].

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