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Rep. Cavitt: Radical new gun laws take effect this week
RELEASE|February 15, 2024
Contact: Cam Cavitt

State Rep. Cam Cavitt, R-Cheboygan, released the following statement as Democrat firearm laws take effect this week.

“The Democrat majority forced through terrible gun legislation that I opposed at every level,” Cavitt said. “Bills like these set a dangerous precedent for violating Second Amendment rights. I’m committed to undoing these dangerous policies. Our constitutional rights are the bedrock to our society, and we must hold up and honor those rights. However, the radical Democrat plan is now law and people need to be prepared.”

Updated firearm storage laws (Senate Bills 79 & 80):

  • If a person stores a firearm unattended, and they know that a minor is likely to be present, they must:
    • Store the firearm in a locked box or locked container, or
    • Keep the firearm unloaded and locked with a trigger lock.
    • Store the firearm in a locked motor vehicle, either inside a locked box or container, or locked with a trigger lock.

Updated background checks (House Bills 4138 & 4142):

  • Anyone purchasing a firearm will need a background check.
  • Under this new law, a family member can no longer gift a long gun to another family member unless the person acquiring the long gun gets a background check at their local police station or sheriff’s department. The long gun does not need to be registered.

Updated domestic violence regulations (SBs 471, and 528, & HB 4945):

  • These laws prohibit an individual convicted of certain misdemeanors from possessing firearms for at least an eight-year-period.

Updated red flag laws (SB 83, & HBs 4146, 4147, and House Bill 4148):

  • These new laws create extreme risk protection order laws, also known as red flag laws. Red flag laws allow the seizure of firearms with a very low burden of proof via court order.
  • A judge is always behind the decision to remove the firearms from a person they deem to be at risk, but in some cases, a person is not guaranteed to a hearing before having their guns taken away.

New gun safety devices (SBs 81 & 82):

  • Lowers the costs of gun safety devices to allow easier access to materials for safe firearm storage.


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