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Rep. Greene highlights governor’s hypocrisy on population loss and abortion
RELEASE|June 13, 2023
Contact: Jaime Greene

State Rep. Jaime Greene, of Richmond, today drew attention to the glaring hypocrisy surrounding Gov. Whitmer’s establishment of a new commission to investigate Michigan’s population decline while actively promoting abortion.

Michigan experiences a loss of approximately 30,000 babies to abortion annually, in addition to over 14,000 individuals leaving the state each year.

“We don’t need a bureaucratic commission to delve into Michigan’s population decline,” Greene said. “Regardless of one’s stance on the abortion issue, it’s evident that if we could prevent the loss of 30,000 lives each year, our population would be on an upward trajectory.”

Greene expressed deep concern regarding Gov. Whitmer’s approach of utilizing abortion access as a marketing tool to attract new residents to Michigan. Recent revelations about an ongoing marketing campaign revealed that advertisements promoting abortion rights are being juxtaposed with Detroit-style pizza and the state’s natural resources.

“This approach is completely illogical,” Greene. “While there is extensive discussion about our population challenges, Michigan currently ranks ninth in the country for its per capita abortion rate. Instead of portraying abortion as the best solution for women facing unplanned pregnancies, Governor Whitmer should offer support and choices to address their difficult circumstances. By doing so, our population issues could be resolved.”


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