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Rep. Markkanen: Governor’s latest attempt to shut down Line 5 shut down by Washington, D.C.
RELEASE|November 30, 2021

State Rep. Greg Markkanen, of Hancock, today issued the following statement after Gov. Gretchen Whitmer withdrew a federal lawsuit against Enbridge. The lawsuit sought to revoke a 1953 easement agreement allowing for the Line 5 pipeline to exist. A separate lawsuit in state court still is attempting to shut down Line 5:

“This was a frivolous lawsuit hatched from a campaign promise, and existing suits are no different. The governor hoped the Biden administration would put its foot down and end Line 5, but it has indicated it isn’t planning to do so.

“People across northern Michigan are worried about what the governor’s continued attempts to shut down Line 5 would mean for their homes, families and small businesses. That anxiety is not going away as long as these lawsuits continue. There are viable alternatives to shutting the pipeline down altogether, such as a tunnel project, that would ensure the safety of our Great Lakes while delivering resources that people need. The governor has balked at such a common-sense solution, and desperately went to Washington, D.C. for help.

“I am hopeful other lawsuits meet the same fate as this one. We need practicality as we approach this challenge, not pointless litigation and partisan stubbornness.”

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