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Rep. Martin issues statement after voting against repeal of Michigan’s Right to Work law
RELEASE|March 9, 2023
Contact: David Martin

State Rep. David Martin today issued the following statement after voting against House Bills 4004-05, which repeal Michigan’s Right to Work law:

“Genesee County has a rich history, closely connected to the auto industry and the UAW – but that history is tied to auto workers who chose to unite together in the 1930s and stand up for their rights. The choice to join a union is the driving force behind the Right to Work law. When a worker sees the benefits of union membership and wants to join, they should. But no one should be forced to join a union so they can get a job. That’s not right.

“The people driving the repeal of Right to Work aren’t the rank-and-file union members. Right to Work has added a layer of accountability and increased the need for unions to be responsive to the needs of their members to earn their support. It’s union leadership that is pushing for repeal. Things are a lot simpler for a union if it is guaranteed a certain level of membership regardless of the value it provides to workers.

“Right to Work has been beneficial for Michigan. After our Right to Work law was adopted in 2012, Michigan soon became the top state in new manufacturing job creation. We also recorded the highest jump in personal income growth in the Great Lakes region. I have concerns about what repealing Right to Work will do to our state’s job climate, and the attractiveness of Michigan to job providers and workers in the future. As a state, we should be focused on things I hear about every day from the people I represent, like lowering our income tax, promoting the skilled trades, and fixing our local roads.”


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