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Rep. Martin spearheads plan to protect union members from corrupt officers
RELEASE|May 17, 2023
Contact: David Martin

State Rep. David Martin this week introduced a plan to protect rank-and-file members of Michigan’s labor unions from corrupt leaders.

“Hardworking men and women put their trust in union leadership to advocate on their behalf,” Martin said. “If that trust is broken and a corrupt leader has been convicted of a crime, workers should not be forced to continue shelling out for dues.”

Martin’s measure, House Bill 4584, would remove any requirement for an individual to pay union dues if a local officer for the unit is convicted of a felony related to the finances of the union.

If an officer of a union’s regional or national office is convicted of a felony related to the union, the proposal would exempt workers from paying the portion of their dues that would otherwise be remitted to the regional or national office.

House Bill 4584 has been referred to the House Government Operations Committee for consideration.


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