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Rep. Meerman: Democrats backing off misguided court-packing plan after overwhelming criticism
RELEASE|October 18, 2023
Contact: Luke Meerman

Rep. Meerman said House Democrats have backtracked on plans to rush House Bill 5131 through the House Government Operations Committee today. The bill would create a new Court of Appeals district and packs the courts with six new judgeships. Meerman released the following statement:

“After overwhelming criticism, Democrats have pulled this misguided bill off the committee docket. This was a clear attempt to pack our courts with Democrat influence and manipulate judgeships to the detriment of our justice system. There’s no need for additional Court of Appeals judges in Michigan. The number of case filings has not increased, and our current judges are more than capable of handling existing cases.

“Further, it appears the bill aims to prevent specific judges from retaining their seats – undermining the purpose of an independent judiciary.

“This plan was a mistake and now they’re backing off – a move that’s better for all of Michigan. Promoting partisan influence over the judicial system is wrong, and people recognize that.”


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