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Rep. Rigas announces commission to study commission that will ‘Fix’ Michigan
RELEASE|June 1, 2023
Contact: Angela Rigas

Rep. Angela Rigas announced today her plans to investigate plans to establish a commission that will create a plan to investigate issues within the commission investigating plans to improve Michigan’s population retention problems.

“This seems to be the thing to do in Lansing when faced with a serious issue,” Rigas said. “I realized through recent announcements that creating commissions is much simpler than actually solving problems. These commissions don’t have to be bipartisan or reflect the people’s voice, according to the Democrats. They can simply be handpicked by the Governor to deliver the results they already have in mind. Then, when they provide their “bipartisan” report, it won’t be their fault if people don’t like the decisions they make. That’s how unserious these Lansing insiders are. It’s no wonder people have no trust in Lansing.”

Rep. Rigas’ announcement comes just hours after Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced plans to staff a commission and charge them to come up with solutions to Michigan’s recent population loss and tackle the affordability crisis created by bad Democrat policy. As it stands, the governor’s commission is to be filled by members selected solely by the governor herself and not open to input from the people of Michigan, who every two years elect members to the legislature.

“Why go to all the trouble of working with elected officials and the people they represent when I could just use my power to magnify my own thinking instead,” Rigas said. “Just saying something is bipartisan is so much easier than actually making it fair to all parties. It’s clear the Governor is patently unserious about tackling and solving the problems we’re facing today as a state. If she were serious, she would be working with the legislature to deliver actual results as partners, not forcing commissions to take the fall for her extreme measures and tax hikes that make our state less competitive.”

Rep. Rigas and her office can be reached at +1 (517) 373-1403 or [email protected].

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