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Rep. Tisdel, House vote to strengthen protections for crime victims
RELEASE|June 7, 2023
Contact: Mark Tisdel

State Rep. Mark Tisdel and the Michigan House of Representatives on Wednesday overwhelmingly approved a bipartisan plan to provide greater privacy and support for crime victims in Michigan.

Tisdel, R-Rochester Hills, co-sponsored the four-bill package, contained in House Bills 4420-4423. The plan would make more victims eligible for additional protections and services by expanding the list of serious crimes. The legislation would also allow victims to use remote technology to deliver their impact statements during a convicted criminal’s sentencing process. Victims testifying in a court hearing could have their images blurred in any publicly available recording of the proceeding. Finally, the plan would help connect survivors of sexual and domestic violence to critical support services.

“In our justice system, supporting and protecting people who’ve experienced horrible crimes is essential, and this bipartisan plan shows victims that Michigan has their backs,” Tisdel said. “Broader privacy protections and remote access will help spare victims from unnecessary trauma or embarrassment. They’ve endured enough already. Our plan will also help survivors of domestic and sexual violence find healing and hope.”

HBs 4420-4423 now advance to the Senate for consideration.

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