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Rep. Zorn votes against Democrat plan that uses accounting tricks to block income tax cut
RELEASE|February 10, 2023
Contact: Dale Zorn

State Rep. Dale Zorn on Thursday voted against a proposal the Democrat majority loaded with ill-conceived spending and used to play accounting tricks to block a long-awaited income tax cut.

Under a Michigan law, the individual income tax rate will be cut this year because the state government received a steep increase in taxpayer dollars. However, House Bill 4001, which passed the House of Representatives on Thursday, redirected funds toward one-time $180 checks in a way that would prevent the tax cut from taking effect. It also includes $500 million in unrelated funding for corporate welfare projects.

“We’ve got a record $9 billion dollar surplus, and instead of giving some of it back to families and small businesses through a permanent income tax reduction, we’re going to squander it by giving it away to select corporate interests,” Zorn said. “This proposal fails to deliver lasting relief for working families or small businesses, the backbone of our economy. They need help, and Democrats are turning their backs on them. It’s wrong.”

 Zorn planned to give a floor speech expressing his opposition to the proposal but was prevented from doing so by the Democrat majority.


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