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Senate approves Rep. Green plan to reduce risk of voting machine hacking
RELEASE|October 1, 2021
Contact: Phil Green

Plan advances to governor’s desk for further consideration

The Michigan Senate approved state Rep. Phil Green’s measure to improve the integrity of Michigan’s elections on Thursday.

House Bill 4838, part of a three-bill package, would put into state law a practice prohibiting voting machines and electronic pollbooks from being connected to the internet from the time polls open until votes from the precinct are tabulated. If signed into law, the measure would lessen the chances of potential hacking or efforts to change vote counts.

Green, of Millington, said this measure is a step in the right direction to restore public confidence in the state’s election process.

“The security of our elections is among my highest priorities. I’m pleased to see my colleagues in the Senate approve this important measure,” Green said. “The premise of this plan is simple. Voting machines should never be connected to the internet until all votes have been counted, and our state law should reflect that. This common-sense measure will reduce the possibility of hacking and altering vote counts.”

The other election reform bills approved today are:

  • House Bill 4837, which would clarify that election officials are prohibited from allowing outside organizations and advocacy groups access to the qualified voter file. The QVF is the official database for Michigan’s voter registration records.
  • House Bill 4840, which would make sure election records are kept for a uniform, consistent period by municipalities across the state. This would include a requirement that ballots be kept for 22 months related to state and federal elections.

All three measures advanced to the governor’s desk for consideration.

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