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Vote explanations 2-13-24
RELEASE|February 16, 2024
Contact: Neil Friske

TUESDAY, FEB 13, 2024

I voted NO on SB 388-389 (Sen Klinefelt). This would amend existing law to allow accounts to be dormant for up to 5 years instead of 3 years for active-duty military personnel. I voted NO because it should be amended to up the dormancy years for everyone instead of a select group of people.

FAILED 52-49


I voted YES on HB 4416 (Rep Filler) this legislation would amend the law to increase the financial caps to adjust for inflation. I voted YES because this legislation is a commonsense reform that is increasing due to the rising costs of living.

PASSED 105-0

I voted NO on HR 191 (Rep Hoskins), which is a resolution to denounce the espousal of racist, xenophobic, and white supremacist language by members of the House. I voted NO because this resolution is being used to disparage Representative Shriver, whose only allegation is that he retweeted a meme. This resolution wishes to brand Representative Shriver into something he is not and violates his first amendment right.


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