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Vote explanations 2-20-24
RELEASE|February 21, 2024
Contact: Neil Friske


I voted NO on HB 4312-4313 (Rep Roth & Rep Coffia), which are bills to add certain summer resorts to the Summer Resorts and Park Associations Act. I voted NO on this legislation would pick winners and losers when it comes to who can and can’t make this switch.

HB 4312 passed 88-18 & HB 4313 passed 86-20


I voted YES on 4101 (Rep Vanderwall), a bill that amends existing law to extend speech pathologists’ temporary licenses from 1 year to 2 years. I voted YES on this bill because it gives students more time to get the hours required to get their full license. While I support fewer licenses being needed if we must have a regulation, I’d prefer it to be a longer period of time.

Passed 104-2

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