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Vote explanations 2-27-24
RELEASE|February 29, 2024
Contact: Neil Friske

TUESDAY, FEB 27, 2024

I voted NO on SB 57 & SB 58 (Sen Chang & Sen Bellino), bills banning devices used to inhale nitrous oxide. I voted NO on these bills because I don’t believe banning these devices will affect people inhaling nitrous oxide, nor do I believe these bills could be enforced with big online retailers like Amazon. It also opens the door for the next step of government regulation.

SB 57 PASSED 87-18

SB 58 PASSED 88-17

I voted YES on HB 5151 (Rep Shannon), a bill that would rename a portion of M-53 as Officer Leroy Imus Memorial Highway. I voted YES because this bill would commemorate the fallen police officer who gave his life in the line of duty to keep his community safe, and we should honor him as the hero he is.

HB 5151 PASSED 105-0


I voted NO on HB 4279 (Rep Vanderwall), a bill allowing local ISDs (Independent School Districts) to contract with other ISDs that offer career tech programs. I voted NO because this would allow local ISDs to levy even more taxes.

HB 4279 PASSED 100-6

THURSDAY, FEB 29, 2024

I voted NO on HB 4011 (Rep Neyer), a bill that would define a family farm and lower fines for family farms that fail to report accidental deaths to MIOSHA. I voted NO because this bill would give a legal definition to a family farm and could potentially open family farms to more government burdens if they are defined. Ultimately, MIOSHA should have NO jurisdiction over a family farm.

HB 4011 PASSED 93-13

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